Monday, April 5, 2010

Actual embroidery

Yes, that's right - actual embroidery here. :) I'd had this Krupp pattern from the MrXStitch Etsy store for awhile, it's called Forbidden Love. Finally, I pulled out my pile of Aida cloth on Saturday and just started stitching. It was a quick stitch, (for cross-stitch) about 6 hours or so. Finished picture soon!

My movie list for this stitch was:

  • Year One (terrible - I think I only laughed once)
  • Cover Girl (Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly - fun for the magazine covers, but a little on the cheesy side)
  • Criminal Justice, ep. 1 & 2 (Amazing BBC series with Ben Whishaw, who I adore ever since seeing Bright Star)

I decided to hang my unfinished twins on the wall to inspire me to finish them:

So far, seeing them has inspired me to start other projects, but I'm hoping I'll pick this up again soon... :)

I love looking at little details in the sunlight. I think just having the sunlight has already inspired me to start new things.

Here's a beautiful bracelet my friend brought me back from her trip to Turkey:

I'm not Catholic, but I've always loved rosaries. Instead of fine metals and gemstones, however, I prefer the cheap ones made of plastic and fake silver. I guess because to me, the worth of any item should come from the significance you attach to it, and the memories you create for it - not the price tag attached to it. I'm just odd about things like that. :) This lovely one hails from the supposed last residence of Mary in Ephesus, or the House of the Virgin.

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend! Any Easter traditions for any of you? My family doesn't make a big deal of Easter, so I'm always fascinated by everyone else's traditions... I popped up at church, admired all the Easter bonnets and squirmy kids in their scratchy Easter best, and soaked up the sun afterward. It was perfect weather for a picnic and just sitting and smelling all the blooming spring flowers. You? :)


sewphie said...

Cute dalek!
I love the lips and soft colours on that 'twins' piece

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I love this pattern! We also don't do much for Easter - most years we forget and try to go do something, only to discover that everything is closed, haha.