Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Assignment #3: Favorite Subway stations

Assignment #3: Favorite subway stations

As you can see, my lists have been growing! And even though the weather has been spectacular, I've been pokey about getting out.

But I did think I'd show you another one of my favorite subway stations....

If you can see this view, you're near one of my favorite stops. Over on the left is the Flatiron building, and on the right you can pop on down to the 23 St subway. What's so special about the 23 St stop?

You'll notice it looks rather average and boring as you walk in:

Well, what's special are the hats:


Laid into the wall among the white tiles are dozens of detailed mosaic hats. I love to pass the time while waiting for the train walking up and down the platform, making mental notes of all the hats...

And my favorite is watching people waiting for trains who have (knowlingly or unknowingly) lined themselves up beneath them, so that it looks like they're wearing them. At one time I had a goal of posing a stuffed monkey under each of them for a photograph. That may have to wait for the proper state of inebriation and/or boredom. :)

I've already located another spot on my list and I may have to add that later this week... Want to send me somewhere new? Give me a suggestion here! :)


Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

Those hats are fun, I would have expected ads on the walls of the NY subway! I was just thinking there are not many people in your photos so maybe you could photograph some New Yorkers for us? (which I would be too chicken to do to be honest)

floresita said...

Ha ha, Nicole I'm chicken, too! But, I'm always up for a challenge, so I'll see what I can do.... :)

Oh, and we have ads, too, and sometimes they're amazing - I'll have to include some. :)

Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

O yes I'm curious about the ads. I love well designed posters (especially retro/vintage ones)too. Good luck with photographing people! :)

Anonymous said...

That used to be my stop for work! I don't know where I heard this or if it's even true, but I understood that the hats were placed so that they were the actual height of the owner... so I used to like to see who was my same height!