Monday, April 26, 2010



You know, one of the odd things about having a Flickr stream is that I can finally see how important visual imagery is to me, and how a color, tone, or mood works its way steadily through my psyche.

I've noticed that just like words with a similar set of syllables and matching tones, I tend to match colors and shade as well... For example, that pic above was right next to this pic in my stream...


Is it just me, or do those 2 photos seem to share so much in terms of color and exposure and tone?

Then, this picture, with its greens, golds, and dark-haired woman with a downturned face and heavy, curving brows, was next to those 2:

My favorite at the Met

It's like a series of visual echoes... :)

My favorite at the Met


My Realitty said...

Absolutely! They are of a piece.
It is funny but I check in with your blog, but didn't know you were on flickr where I started out. Cheers Myrealitty.

muralimanohar said...

Love love the fresh and peaceful. :)

Jennifer said...

Floresita - I hate to be blunt, but are you single, and if so, tell me you've asked Chili dog Matt out! Even online (& in 3rd person) you two click.

floresita said...

Thanks, ladies!

Jennifer - I think you just won "Sweetest comment ever" with that last one. :)

In the first place, I am geriatric as compared to dear Matt, and in the second, there are likely legions of girls who would fight me for him. ;) But thanks for the dating suggestion! :)

Zelda said...

You guys are tooooooooo much!!!