Thursday, April 1, 2010

That Seventies Action

photos that have something to say to one another

I've been uploading pics to Flickr for oh, about 5 years now. I always tweaked my pics a little - upping contrast and lightening the especially dark and gray ones. But lately, I've become addicted to Photoshopping them. Particularly, that cool Seventies action in Photoshop that I got from Pioneer Woman.

Has it become an illness? Or maybe it's just a phase? I have a hard time enjoying my pics if they're not all Seventies, tricked-out lately...







I even worked out a weird series of Curves and Hue tweaks in Gimp (like Photoshop, but free) to produce this odd concoction, which sort of looks like me at the bottom of the ocean (which I love) :

What do you think? Is too much Photoshop a bad thing? Is all the Seventies bugging you? ;)

And, now that the weather is nice I fully intend to carry out an assignment this weekend, have no fear! :)


Amy said...

it's not a phase it's in the heart. I love processing my pictures. I personally am addicted to a lomo action and a cross processing action for my pics.

Love your pics as of late even more.

Keep up the good work.


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Cute! I love the 70s action. I fully believe in embracing trends that resonate with you. Plus, keep your originals and you can reprocess them next year in a different style if you want to - that's the magic of digital!

Bitterbetty said...

do what you like. like what you do.
do it until it doesn't thrill you. the right people will love it too. I personally think you are in good company.

and you do good work.

g said...

pioneer woman's 70's actions is one of my favorites too!

I process all my photos in photoshop one way or another...I think if you like the way it looks & have fun doing it then that's all that matters :)

btw - I love the way the one looks that you did in gimp!

Cinnamon Swirl said...

i love the 70s look!!! unfortunately i can't afford photoshop and i haven't quite worked out how to use gimp. can you do the 70s thing in gimp? i'm still stuck with faking ploaroids but much prefer the look of your pics.

Ondine said...

I would love to hear a bit mroe about how to do cool things in Gimp - I don't know if you can do 'action' type things wit it as in photosho? Google hasn't turned up much for me.
I'm stil learning to do basic things with it so any tips or tricks would be great - your photos are so beautiful.

( ^ just noticed I'm saying almost exactly the same thing as Cinnamon Swirl!)