Thursday, April 8, 2010

TV sets and Springtime in NY

These little yellow signs have become so familiar to me that I hardly even glance their way, but since this was the first one I've seen this Spring, I thought I'd show it to you. Law and Order is the main set I walk through on my commute, with an occasional Ugly Betty. :) Oh, there was also a huge lineup of trailers for The Good Wife this morning, and they had a fabulous spread of goodies for the cast in a food trailer, including what looked like fresh-squeezed orange juice. :) I've never actually seen them filming, since that seems to happen either in the wee hours of the night or some sort of off-time with less commuters and lollygaggers.

Springtime in New York is beyond amazing. You have no idea the number of things in this city that bloom, until you're here in April.

The daffodils come first, brave little flowers that bloom when it's still cold, often battered by fierce rains and freezes:

Then come the tulips, always, oddly, the red ones first, that open up wide and serve as playmates for the waning daffodils:

Then, quiet trees burst forth in white blooms that live so briefly, only about a week or so. If you are here during this magic week, you'll find youself walking down an entire avenue lined with mysterious white trees, as delicate and snowy as white cherry blossoms. This week the white flowers are yeilding to green leaves, pushing themselves through the blossoms.

All of this is the normal course of Spring that I've seen for 6 years now. But oddly, suddenly, it feels like summer is upon us in NY:

Yesterday it was over 90 degrees. In April. It was beyond bizarre, walking home from work in this delicious, balmy air - perfect for sipping a cold drink in the warm evening at an outdoor cafe.

It's hard to believe this is what I was looking at (from the same vantage point) less than 2 months ago:

whiteness all around

Any freak weather out there for you guys? :)


tina said...

Hello! I live in south jersey (near cape may) and I LOVE NY! Your pics make me so happy! I was SOOOO tempted to get on a train and spend a night in NY during the snow! I think that must have been amazing. There is a yummy restaurant that I love to visit-LaMela on Mulberry. The food is served family style and is so good. Just home style favorite Italian dishes. It is about $30 per person for all of the 4 courses so overall is a great value for the city!
Thanks for the great pics and keep up the good work!

Lucy said...

In Ireland we had snow drifts until Friday and then on Sunday and Monday it was hot and sunny.