Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week #4: Close-up of a police horse; Met favorites

Week #4: Close-up of a police horse

So, I kinda skipped a week, boo. I was procrastinating because my horse pictures were less than glorious, so I'll add a little extra to my post this week to make it up to you... :)

As promised, here's a friendly NY police horse on duty in Tribeca:


You know, that picture is really lame, and nothing bums me out more than a lame picture. Try as I might to tidy it up in Photoshop, you really can't do much when you start with something less than stellar.

But, on to the subject of horses. You'll probably think it's hilarious that I'm from Texas and yet am terrified of horses. (The reason this picture is crappy is because I was too timid to get close and snap a good picture - combination shyness and slight terror.) Nevertheless, I have actually ridden 2 horses in my life - both of them were practically blind old nags on the short and plump side, and I was still scared stiff sitting atop of them. Both were on specific "horseback riding" tours - lame attempts to give city people like me the illusion that they have gone horseback riding. I still remember the unfortunate young man who was assigned to the 10 ft tall stallion. I would have peed my pants.

Here's the horse from a bit farther away:

I loved how much attention the horse was getting, although they're fairly common. People were snapping pics, standing, turning and pointing. It was almost like horse paparazzi. :)

I also love catching, by accident, these curious little exchanges going on in my photographs. What, for example, is the guy in the tux saying to the horse police? Why's that other guy pointing? I like to imagine an altercation between the two, where blue shirt guy got a little tough with tuxedo guy, and the horse police was called upon to intervene. :)

My favorite at the Met

The next topic is probably going to make me a little verklempt. I was asked to show my favorite pieces at the Met. Actually, I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art fiercely, and have been there often, by myself. I love to sit and sketch, or just lazily walk from piece to piece, finding the quietest areas to hide and enjoy.

Up there is probably my favorite in the entire museum. She's not immense, but the color, the mood, and the lines strike me as perfect. I've sat before her many times. The last time I saw an old friend I lost last year, we sat in front of her. It had been many years since we'd talked, although we were once close friends. Isn't it odd how there are some people so marked on your soul, almost as if they were made of the same exact dust as you, that wherever you find yourself, at whatever point in life you are at, talking with them is always exactly the same, exactly as close, exactly as wonderful? This is the kind of friendship I had with my friend. And I think it very lovely that the last thing we shared was this painting.

one of my favorite paintings

Here's another beautiful woman at the Met, and I think she's not a permanent resident, but was on loan from somewhere else. She was a childhood favorite, and it was amazing seeing her up close. All the Sargents are huge and his brush strokes so bold, in a way you'd never expect when seeing them from far away or as teeny tiny representations in art textbooks.

So, there you have it, assignment #4! Do you guys have anywhere new to send me? I'm going to very slowly work myself up to photographing NY people, but it's so hard when you're super shy! :)


Kat said...

Beautiful pictures. Interesting story about the lady in black- and her scandalous strap.


Dani said...

You may think the pic is lame, but I love it! The police horse is gorgeous! Such a big chunk! And I love seeing a kind of ordinary "slice-of police-horse-life" kind of picture. I always thought the only way I could ever be a cop is if I were a mounted policewoman!

camelama said...

yay! I like seeing you re-explore the city. :)

How about ... stairways? Different, favorite, new, wacky... you name it.

One thing I've always thought would bother me in a big city would be the lack of horizons. Is that true? If you do have some, maybe you could show us some horizons?

AscenderRisesAbove said...

oh shes from the Huntington - I would recognize her anywhere. I have wondered if the black dress had any significance.

Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

I don't think the police horse photo is lame. Especially not when you can make up stories connecting the other people on the photo to the horse :)

I would so love to visit the Met. The paintings are beautiful. I especially like the lady in the green dress. Good luck on your other assignments!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Oh, Madame X is one of my all time favorites! I wonder how long she'll be at the Met? Now I want to run to New York for a weekend!

floresita said...

Oh Alli - don't run just yet! That photo was actually from at least 2 years ago - I just had it set aside as one of my favorites. :) I'm not sure where she is currently...

Bivens said...

You have given me such a wonderful gift in your photographs! The subject matter you choose suits me...I am enamored with the "everyday" vignettes. I have only had the good fortune to visit NY 3 times and each time my friends and I have spent time sitting on park benches and making up stories about the people who pass. Maybe you could do a "from the bench" series?
And I must tell you also that, after reading your other blogs also, that you are a wonderful writer! Is there a book inside your head wanting to get out? I would buy it!!!