Friday, May 28, 2010

Loving the R2


So, after stitching Forbidden Love, I had such a crush on little R2 that I had to stitch him all by himself. Maybe I should stitch a billion of these and gift them to all my nerd friends?

With my gigantic hand for scale:
with hand so you can see how small he is

On an unrelated note, lately, I love bridges.

I'm fascinated with snapping pics on the Manhattan Bridge every time I cross it. They're blurry and so-so, but they make me happy.


even eve said...

oh so sweet. I want a mini cross stitched r2d2. bridges are amazing and a little scary but beautiful in fog.

Bonnie said...

The R2 D2 is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! My 8 year old son would think that was the greatest thing of all time!