Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week #5: Favorite Places - Bronx Zoo

Week #5: Favorite Places - Bronx Zoo

So I know I've been remiss about my assignments - sorry! However, I visited one of my favorite NY places this weekend, so I had to share it with you. Bronx Zoo - ever been there?

The zoo is one of my favorite all-time places to be. One of my most bittersweet memories as a child was visiting my grandmother in Mexico: like all surly 11 year olds I was bored out of my mind until a kind, distant relation in her 20's adopted me for a few days. She let me sit in her room, watch black and white TV, braided my hair, and told me excitedly that the next day we would go to the zoo. The next day. No, the next day. Well, that day never came, but just sitting there with a kind person, dreaming of the zoo, was rather lovely enough. So, maybe this is why, even as an adult, anytime I see a zoo, I've gotta be there.

And the Bronz Zoo is simply amazing:

Surrounded by green forest on all sides - delicious shade when it's hot, the Bronx River, and even the local wildlife is beautiful.

I love the odd, stinky Madagascar and monkey house:

It's always unbearably hot and smells abominable, but the payoff in cuteness is huge.




Creepy-cute tree kangaroos:

Breathing fresh air afterward always feels like a special treat.

I highly recommend the Bronx Zoo, anytime of year. I went with my sister in early December, in the dead of winter, and found the birds very active and not shy at all. And since there's no one watching, you can more easily perform shenanigans like the following:


Well, keep those assignments coming - I know I haven't been great about completing them, but they definitely keep inspiring me! :)

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