Friday, June 25, 2010

From the Tongue Exhibit - 34 North Moore, NYC

by Joetta Maue

So, I was at the From the Tongue opening last night. I was super-excited to find that I could fit a viewing of Toy Story 3 into the 2 hour block of time to kill before 8 PM. (By the way, I loved it - and I cried, but knowing me, that's no surprise). Anyway, I trotted over to 34 North Moore, which is in Tribeca - a nice quiet part of lower Manhattan. The space was gorgeous and bright (it's a hair salon) and I tried to imagine what it would be like to get my hair done while looking at all this embroidered art around me.

That gorgeous piece above is by Joetta Maue - and it is immense. I'd have had to stand by it and wave to give a sense of the scale, but if you click to the large version, you'll see it's made of hundreds of individual embroidered fragments, pieced together and pinned to the wall.

Here's a few details, from the "t" region:

I was excited to see my favorite piece from Bridget (beefranck):

And there were 4 fabulous spam hoops from MrXStitch, here was one:

Really loved this densely stitched piece with hidden letters you have to squint to see:

I also got a big kick out of this one:

Close-up of one of the embroidered roaches, which were glittery and really quite beautiful:

I was in awe of this immense cross-stitched piece by Bren Ahearn:

It was so large I couldn't really get in a great spot to photograph it and preserve a sense of scale. The stitches were huge, and I can only imagine the amount of time it might have taken to complete.

A few of the pieces from far away:

And a shot of the neighborhood, for good measure:

I really amused myself with the sudden attack of shyness I had when entering. I basically skulked around quietly, snapping photographs. I really must arrange ahead of time to meet people there, because I was bit overwhelmed by the crowd (really good turnout!) and was in and out in record time.

If you're in NYC, I definitely recommend it!


Drucilla Pettibone said...

oh no! i wish i'd had the chance to meet you. i felt super shy too, but just downed wine and hoped for the best. luckily stitchers are the coolest crowd.

floresita said...

Ha ha, Drucilla, you're right it seemed like a friendly crowd, wish I could have met you! Next time I will totally just wear a shirt with my name on it. Cheesy, but it gets the job done. ;)