Thursday, June 10, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair 2010

at the chez-sucre-chez booth

So, the day after I returned from Texas, I was super-excited to check out all the wares at Renegade in Brooklyn. Unlike a couple of previous years, it wasn't in that unbearable eyesore of a so-called-pool, but in the shaded, lovely McCarren Park.

However, it being New York city we had some wild weather - the sky couldn't quite decide whether to drop a tornado on us or not, and all the vendors had to combat gale-force winds that sent their items flying every 10 seconds or so.

Not the case at the chez-sucre-chez booth, where I was impressed both with the beauty of Kimberly's work and the fact that everything was so firmly attached:
seen and loved in the chez-sucre-chez booth

I'd seen her work on Flickr and her blog, so I was excited to meet her. She was really kind and friendly and I was so glad I dropped by. I bought an adorable cross-stitch kit called Owl Love You Always and you know I'm going to show it to you soon. :)

also loved at chez-sucre-chez

This little gathering of works called out to me the most. The quote puts into words exactly what I feel about love. Oh how I love maudlin song quotes. Also, the "Keep Calm and Carry On" one - yeah, I know we see those everywhere now. But I'll forever associate it with the first time I saw that poster - just after my dad died last year. For some reason the hardest times for me were walking home alone after work. One day I was having a super-hard time and I turned and saw that poster, and believe it or not, felt calm. Oh, and I love squirrels. So this lovely assortment totally sold me on all of Kimberly's work. :)

Mimi Kirchner at Renegade

I finally got to meet Mimi Kirchner, whose work I've kept up with ever since I started blogging. I'm sure you know who she is, but if not, she makes the most amazing hand-embroidered felt dolls. They are so exquisite, especially in person. I also adore her tattooed men. And she is a wonderfully warm person - I'm glad I shyly ventured up to her. She told me keeps up with my blog and I almost passed out. Truly a pleasure to meet you, Mimi! :)

I admired some gorgeous block prints from Tugboat Prints:

I'll have to look up the name of the printmaker, and update this post with it.

And, as a total indulgence to my mean side, I purchased these mini wooden "signs":

I had to hold myself back from purchasing "You're dead to me" because there's someone I'd actually mail that to! So, to keep myself out of trouble, I bought these, which were slightly less mean, and which I'll have on hand to amuse myself with. :) They come with tiny envelopes, so I thought how terribly mean it might be to slip one in an unbearable person's pocket. But what am I saying, one of these would doubtless end up in my pocket! :) I can't remember who I bought these from, but I do remember he had a fabulous moustache - if anyone recognizes them, let me know!

awesome by Matt Schoch

And of course I had to stop by Veronica and Matt's booth, and meet the lovely Veronica. Can you believe Matt sold 30 embroideries the day before? Well, at least he took photos of them first!

So, that's that - as usual, I wish I had taken more photos, but it was wonderful meeting 3 talented embroiderers in one day. Did any of you go to Renegade this year? I wish I'd had more time and we could have had a meet-up! Or, did you catch Renegade in Austin or Chicago this year?


mimi k said...

I am so happy to have met you! Now I will read your blog in your voice and with your face :-)

Teenysparkles said...

hahahaha, those wooden signs cracked me up. and Hello! I'm newish to your blog; I love the pics you took of the fair. So many talented crafters around.

Ginny said...

amazing!!! i missed the austin one, and ill have to hit the brooklyn one next year! i looooove the edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros embroidery .. "home".. its perfect. love the blog!

Bonnie said...

i absolutely love the "i never liked you" and "you ruin everything" !! they made me laugh. I would have definately bought those too! hilarious!

Special K said...

Hi, just stumbled upon your blog (because of your awesome Twilight cross-stitch!). Is that print by AnimalSleep? It's gorgeous. Love your blog!