Friday, September 24, 2010

Experiments with props and scripts

dork glasses

I thought I'd share the fruits of my recent ridiculous labors with props. Who knew those Groucho glasses could look so classy? But I guess that Groucho was a classy man...

No, seriously, the cool scripts I used in Gimp really helped with these photos. They do wonders with crap flash-lighting (you know, the way flash photos make people look scary and undead?) I'm super-impressed with all of these scripts, and I'll definitely be using all of them.

dorky props

Want the Gimp scripts? I got them here:

I tweaked most of these to get those nice bright reds, this one is probably my fave:
silliness with sunglasses

I know you guys asked me about a billion years ago for scripts you can use in Gimp, these are the coolest ones I've found, hope you enjoy! :)

Oh, and thanks for all the encouragement and helpful ideas on the booth! I just might take the plunge and bring a printer, but only if I can recruit a helper to man the camera. I think I have my process down, after lots of trial runs, and can do it pretty quickly... In any case, please keep the photobooth ideas coming - I really appreciate it!!! :)


Carina said...

Yup. You rule, Flor! :-)

indunated_asnacks said...

Hi Flor. Welcome back to SA.

-James Nielsen