Thursday, September 9, 2010

Texas wanderings

I've been relatively productive, but still haven't posted much, I know. I'm used to having internet at my disposal 24 hours a day, so that I can procrastinate and putter and still get a lot of stuff posted. Now I have internet 1-2 hours a day, and only if I make a concerted effort to drive or walk somewhere to get it. Then, trying to cram all my thoughts into that small space is daunting. Inevitably, I forget about 90% of what I was hoping to do.

I'm enjoying my wandering and free time very, very much. These pics were taken in one of my favorite parks by the river. To those of you who don't know San Antonio very well, the cute little part of the river you know as the Riverwalk is entirely man-made. But this is the real San Antonio river, and there's a feeling you get from the trees, the reflection, the leaves, that is entirely different, entirely ancient...

I remember so many times in my youth, in high school, feeling so altered, so angsty - you remember that feeling? Like you're in a hurry for all of life to happen at once - like you know life is just around the bend, and you're enduring this awful spell of waiting for it to happen. In any case, whenever I felt this way, I would take long walks by myself, anywhere I could hear the wind moving through the trees - I would feel myself become completely silent, until I could hear my pulse in my ears. Only this would calm me. Maybe it was the feeling of life in all the living things around me?

Being finally away from the roar of New York and the constant presence of thousands upon thousands of people, I feel awed by this quiet. How did I live so long in a place so unmatched to my personality? Or, maybe - I learned to view the people around me much the same way I once viewed trees and leaves and nature. Quiet presences that reminded me that life continues.


Well, I promise to do a post soon on something crafty! I've been cranking out little projects here and there, scrawling drawings in my sketchbook - ideas for my best friend's wedding. Yes, my best friend is getting married. I'm really glad to be here for that.

Well, until next time, here's a sketch I did of a sculpture at a museum with my mom. I've been the drill sergeant of drawing for her, and I drew this while waiting for her to finish a sketch.

Hope all is well for all of you! What have you been working on?


Drop Stitches Not Bombs said...

All the different greens in your photos of the river are stunning. I look forward to seeing all the things you've been creating; I've been doing a lot of imaginary crafting, dreaming up new projects, but not many of them have actually materialised yet!

Perpetua said...

Hey there--I just found you--I lived in NYC for 7 years, and felt such a mixed bag when I left. I loved it, but it did feel like I was fighting against the Grain of my Self!! I hope your new/old life pans out nicely for you. It must be nice to see all those streams and green and not have to crop out the 25 people all enjoying the same scene! Solitude has turned out to be the best Non-NYC activity!

V Wing said...

I love that spot on the San Antonio River.

Did you ever read the story "Bien Pretty" by Sandra Cisneros in Woman Hollering Creek? When I moved to San Antonio, I felt lost and then I read that story. Then I re-enacted it! that was the beginning of my love of San Antonio. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I did.

Melissa said...

Hey Floresita! I took your idea for Feliz and made a banner for my bedroom window.

There are pictures on my blog.

Living in a small town in Florida, I often dream of the big city, but there's nothing more wonderful than the quiet. 5 a.m on the front porch, listen to the world around me quietly wake up. I can't imagine all the city noise or ever being able to just tune it out.