Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bring on the knitting

red and gray stripey scarf

It's official, I've become a knitting fiend. Although I guess that's not a huge surprise, as I tend to obsess over whatever hobby I occupy myself with. I've squirreled away an embarrassing amount of yarn in my room, but I am actually knitting with it as well! I promise!

See, up there - that was my first skinny scarf, knit up while on the city bus to and from my new volunteer job. I LOVE how much heckling I get when I knit in public - I've been asked if I have grandchildren, if I am aware that only grannies knit, or if I am sane. As I'm all kinds of sarcastic, I specialize in comebacks. To the drunk guy on the bus who made the granny comment, I said, "Your grandma was once young and hot, too, you know." Judging from the disgusted expression on his face, I gave him a mental image that would haunt him for the rest of his days. That's what you get, drunk guy! I love, love, love sassy drunk people on the bus. :)

Anyway, that stripey scarf was simple, just knit one row, purl one row, on and on until the end. That's called - eh - stockinette stitch? Hey, go easy on me, hardcore knitters, I am just a beginner. :) But that curls up on the edges, so I used some internet advice and steam-blocked it by sticking it under a wet pillowcase and ironing. Some red fluff from the yarn did transfer over to the gray parts, but overall it looks pretty good. Still curls, but about half as much.

So, I loved that gray yarn so much, I started another one, this time with a purplish yarn stripe:

I'm almost finished with that one, because in between, I decided to knit a hat! I'll show you some pictures of that soon - it's finished, but wonky. But hey, it was my first hat, knitted without any supervision.

Oh, and my apologies to anyone clicking through my Flickr stream, you'll also notice I photographed my entire yarn stash:

Yes, I know there's no excuse for this type of behavior, but of course I did it to put on Ravelry. By the way, knitting is a real hit at the bars! Drunk people love to stare at knitting. :) Sadly, I am not even kidding. :)

What's the weirdest place you guys have knitted? Do you guys get heckled when you knit? What are your comebacks? Is there anywhere you wouldn't knit? :)


Katie said...

Loooove those skinny scarves! I have to say - I've been knitting for awhile, but nothing compares to a simple project like that.

Also it's good that you photographed your stash now - I think if I tried to do it at this point, it would take about 6 hours.

Meadowlark said...

Sitting, in uniform, at sick call while in the Air National Guard. Something about cammies, boots and all the macho guys made me want to drive home the fact - hey, I'm a GIRL! :) No rude comments though. They were actually quite impressed. Or afraid that I'd stab them. ??

Robyn said...

My boyfriend is in an improve group that performs every Friday night at a local coffee shop. I usually knit there because, well, it's easy!

There have been a few times that other people knit or crochet when I'm knitting. Non-yarn people will comment, "oh look, ya'll are both knitting". Which I will reply, "Actually, she is crocheting". Then they think that it is some sort of knit/crochet battle, and I have to reassure them, "It's really not that big of a deal".

craftydiane said...

I think it is great that you are knitting! I know how to knit, but have never done much of it. I prefer crochet to knitting. I just learned to tat a couple months ago and have been tatting ever since! I am like you I go all in for whatever kind of craft I am doing at the time!
Keep up the good work!

Teenysparkles said...

Hahaha! Not only can you knit real purdy, you throw out a good comeback too! Well done!

LC said...

When I taught my friend to crochet, we used to go to the bar across the street from my apartment and crochet together. We got so many random comments from drunk people, and even people asking us to make them stuff. It was my favorite way to spend a Friday night!

I love the colors you've used for your scarves, they look great together!

beki said...

Knitting in a bar? I haven't tried that one. I think the only thing that would stop me would be getting my yarn all smoky. I do knit just about everywhere else. No heckling, but I do often get weird stares.

Jacey said...

Just a suggestion for the rolling, but if you a) slip the first stitch of each row (that just means slipping it from one needle to the next without knitting or purling it), or b) knitting the first one or two stitches on each row (even on the purl side-making a garter-stitch border) can help with the rolling.

I have all my stash photographed too, and yeah, I wonder what people think looking through my flickr page (unless they're on ravelry, and get the oobsession).

I'm glad you're enjoying knitting! It's so fun, and always funny to hear people's reactions to public knitting.

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Ruthie said...

I would knit on the bus, too, and some homeless guy told me his captain taught their entire off-shore military boat (I am so technical!) to knit so they wouldn't get into fights. They made like hundreds of dishcloths.