Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hats, hats, hats

You know what? Making hats is really addictive. They don't take up that much yarn - with a simple pattern (like the one I chose) you can just knit and knit and knit without even looking down very much. They're portable, easy for me to truck around town, and there's always the added hilarity of onlookers trying to figure out what I am knitting. I had a great conversation with a very hungover homeless dude yesterday who was marveling at how fast I knit. If I see this guy again, all he has to do is ask me one more time about my knitting and I'm giving him a hat. Because that's what happens when you ask questions about my knitting. :)

Oh, so the turquoise striped hat was Hat #4, and there below is Hat #3:

My personal favorite and the one I plan to keep for myself. :) I used this great Alpaca yarn for Hat #3 and #4 - it's kind of spongy and springy and squooshy. Yes, I'm liking all of those adjectives in reference to a hat. :)

Here is Hat #2, and my other favorite:

I added a few more stitches on this one, because my stitches are pretty tight. I used a really nice merino wool that I found at Kid N Ewe:

It's so soft and totally non-scratchy, and it feels so nice to work with. Anyhow, that hat now lives with my best friend and her husband, and since it looks cute on both of them, I should probably make her another hat so she'll stop stealing it from him. :)

I'm using my knitting as an excuse to catch up on bad television - I knitted my way through Season 4 of Dexter, Season 3 of Lost (I made the mistake of getting my mom ADDICTED to that show), and I'm halfway through Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries which is way campy. I'm always irritated by shows that make teenage characters wear too much makeup (yeah I'm just glossing right over the teenage promiscuity, drugs, and drinking - it's THE MAKEUP that bothers me :) Seriously - I get so irritated when characters roll out of bed wearing a pound of makeup, and have perfect hair. I know teen shows are no place to seek verisimilitude, but still. :)

Aside from that, I'm enjoying the brief bits of cold that settle into south Texas in the fall. One morning I'll wake to mid-40's and wind, and it will almost feel like NYC. :) Thanksgiving was cheerily chilly, because there's nothing more lame than a hot, humid Thanksgiving. But I love how the sun and the heat are never far - there are never those days like the kind you get in NY, when you feel so, so, cold, and it seems like you'll never be warm again. In San Antonio, all you have to do is wait a few days.

I pulled out my novel, and I'm starting to gingerly add to it. How about all of you? Has the holiday funk hit you yet or are you keeping busy?


Katie said...

Lookin' good! I like that purple-y one.

Nana said...

oooh i love the hat#2!!! where did you find the pattern?

Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

oh I could use one of your hats! It's well below zero degrees celsius during the day and I can't find my cute knitted hat! I'm still working on 2 quilts to hand out 'around' christmas. One for my husband and one for my best friend. We met exactly 25 yrs ago and it's her birthday on the 23rd of December!

The Poet and The Cook said...

oh I love them. My friend is going to teach me how to knit next month and I'm so excited. Here's hoping mine are nearly as great as these.

Jacey said...

Your skills are improving! I love making hats, too. They're very gratifying, and they always make a good gift. I'm glad Texas is treating you to a bit of cool weather. Knit Picks makes a great variety of yarns, but Wool of the Andes is definitely a favorite.

Ruthie said...

Hats are like the only thing I knit anymore. They're perfect for a season of TV :-)