Thursday, November 18, 2010

Knitting the hat

modeling the new hat

So here's my first hat! I did a lot of griping and cursing when switching from the circular needles to the double-pointed needles at the end, but I muddled through it ok:

top view

I was rather stunned to look down at my hat and see it looked, sort of ok! I was so sure I was going to mess things up. Because, ugh - the stitch markers kept slipping off, I kept cursing and combing the carpet for them, etc. etc. Anyone have advice on working with slippery stitch markers and double-pointed needles? I also tried tying little bits of yarn, but those slipped, too. :(

the back

So, the back of the hat is what I'm least happy with - at some point the stripes stopped lining up correctly - not sure how that happened, by the way.

Oh, and HA HA:
did I mention my first hat is wonky?

Luckily, I have a knit/crochet expert who lives nearby, so I will ask her what I did wrong. But, overall, I'm pretty happy with my wonky first hat!

Any advice on my hat or hats in general? Patterns you like?


Meadowlark said...

I am the LAST person to give advice on hat knitting. That said, how about a few cute buttons on the mismatched stripes, which would visually distract anybody from noticing? Of course, that means it becomes a side seam, but it's a thought. Seriously though, have you ever paid attention to anybody's stripes? People may not even notice. Great colors, btw!

Dani said...

stripes will always "jog" like that when knitting in the round! It's just part of the character of knitted pieces in the round. I've heard there's some technique to avoid it, but even the most skilled knitters I know accept the jog! nice 1st hat!

jane said...

the trick with stitch markers and double pointed needles is that you offset the start of round so that none of your markers are at the precise beginning or end of any one needle.

ROZ said...

I like your hat. I'm emailing you directions for a hat made on 2 needles and then sewn together