Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl stitchery

You know something? I kind of know nothing about football. I'm usually a very attentive person, fascinated with how things work, detailed rules and rituals, etc, but somehow football throws all of that out the window. Every time I watch it, I imagine I'm watching a very clumsy and extremely confusing ballet. With big dudes. Who look really mean. Punctuated by fascinating, but equally confusing whoops and screams from everyone around me, who magically know the proper moment at which to whoop and scream... And so needless to say, every time I watch football, I occupy myself entirely with something else. :)

Case in point - the pillowcase I stitched almost in entirety in the 4-5 hours I was supposedly watching the Superbowl. :) Again using the free patterns from last month's Doodle stitchalong, it's another pillowcase with a goofy phrase, this time "home sweet home" rather than "gnome sweet gnome."

I love the cute little kid patterns, and so did all the curious people looking over my shoulder while I stitched them... :)

It's really fun to stitch around people who don't craft - I always expect people to poke fun at me, but usually everyone is fascinated by the idea that anybody makes anything anymore. I love the different names people give to whatever I'm making - it's a rare bird that actually knows I am embroidering - usually they calling it sewing or crochet or knitting. :)

Here's the little toadstool house in progress:

Almost done - just futzing with the "home sweet home" which came out a bit more crooked than I planned. And aside from that, just working hard on the Feeling Stitchy February stitchalong, and minding a lot of other little pots on the fire... :)

How about you? Did you watch the Superbowl or just craft through it? :)


Rachel said...

We're in the UK, so I went to bed! I think my husband recorded it, though, so I may well find myself stitching all the way through it later this week!

snugglebugs said...

These are so adorable! Excellent work... I must admit, I crafted through the Superbowl, as well :)

Nicky said...

That pattern is adorable!!!! as is your stitching :D That's really funny that you wrote this. I too, sat in the midst of everyone yelping at the football dudes as I sat stitching a little birdie pattern (and wrote that at the end of my last post!) My Aunt was over and taught me a "trick" to doing the stem stitch.... I almost peed my pants with excitement. That crazy stitch always turned out all wonky when I attempted it :D Happy Tuesday!

freaked out 'n small said...

I embroidered through the whole superbowl also! LOL, although I did pay attention during the commercials! What type of stitching is it that you are using on the mushroom house (the yellow dots on the mushroom cap)? I love the texture and how chunky they are!

Robyn said...

I watched the Superbowl. But I did stitch on Friday night. My boyfriend is in an improve group, and they perform every Friday night. I usually bring something to work on, and the same thing happens to me. There are people there that seem very interested in what I am "sewing". Sometimes I embroider, quilt, or knit, but it's all sewing!

Gumbo Lily said...

I like these little ones. I want to somehow incorporate some of them into a patchwork crib quilt for my 2nd granddaughter.


Little Green Doll said...

They are so cute!! :)