Sunday, July 17, 2011

Movie Monday

So, I was sitting in the audience for the midnight showing of Harry Potter on Thursday (what's that, you say - I'm a dork? You sir, are correct!) and patiently waiting through all the laborious previews.

That is, until I saw this scarf:
I want this scarf

My best friend was already wearing a Gryffindor scarf I'd knit for the last Harry Potter, but I leaned over the second I saw Watson's scarf and breathlessly peeped "I wanna knit that one!"

Now, I am no knitting genius, but I know the basics, and I quickly jotted a few notes over coffee and lucky charms the next morning. On to the real bear: color selection!

monday palette
By the way, I'm loving color names like "irish coffee" "carnaby tan" and "blumine." 

You know I was secretly hoping the palette generator would somehow magically tell me which yarn colors to buy. I mean, I have a rough idea in my head, but it would be so much easier if I could just feed a picture through a generator and voila! it tells me exactly which wool, which shade, and which pattern to use. (App makers, listen up!) :)

In any case, the palette maker did not tell me exactly what to buy, so I am officially winging it. I've skulked around Ravelry a fair bit, looking for inspiration, but if I have any knitters in the audience, you'd be a real help if you could make some suggestions for me!

Is this a fisherman's rib? Or could I get away with just stockinette stitch using bulky yarn on bigger needles? Should I knit this in the round like the Hermione Grainger Deathly Hallows scarf? I need help here! Clearly, in more ways than one. :)

Also, that wonderful trailer still of Watson comes from an amazing site I just discovered called Clothes on Film. I adore their articles and the way they deconstruct costume design. I also love that they actually interview costume designers and include you in their process - it's absolutely fascinating. Definitely recommend them.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! The scarf looks like plain old stockinette to me, so doing a tube is probably the best way. Terrific color palette.

Katie said...

It looks like it might actually be double-knit? Either way, the effect can be achieved by knitting in a tube, double knitting, or even the fisherman's rib! They will all make lovely scarves.

Jen said...

To me this just looks like a simple 1x1 ribbing. I am in the process of finishing a Noro stripey scarf and it looks just like that. I love that it looks like stockinette but doesn't curl. K1, P1 ad nauseam is SOOO boring but worth the look.

jane said...

I agree, it looks like a 1x1 rib in a worsted weight yarn. And might I suggest a tweed yarn to give the scarf an extra rustic feel. Perhaps consider Shelter or something similar.