Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Red and white bathing suits

red swimsuit

There's nothing super-special about this doodle of mine, but it's an example of what I frequently do to "visualize" what I'm wearing (or want to wear). I've pretty well memorized my shape, and so I like to "try things on" this way. In this case I was daydreaming about a cute red and white striped bathing suit I'd tried on a week before.
I like to do little sketches like this to sort of test my brain and see how many small details I can remember about a thing... I wasn't too far off from the actual suit.

The palette generator showed me lots of nice warm browns this time around:

wednesday palette

And yes, I also think it's funny that my favorite color this time is named "whiskey." :) What about you guys? Does anybody else sketch their wardrobe?

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