Friday, July 8, 2011

Stitching Saturday

Yes, I know, assigning a name to each day of my posts is pretty silly, but it's helping me focus on posting, and it's giving me words to put together in new fonts. :) By the way, if you're curious what fonts I'm using, just click on the image to go to Flickr and see the details.

White Floral Bull Skull by Lilac Saloon afternoon tea
Squirrel love Faux Bois Embroidery
1. White Floral Bull Skull by Lilac Saloon, 2. afternoon tea by Bec Groves
3. Squirrel love by knittingbeauty, 4. Faux Bois Embroidery by imafundork

Up above are pictures I found in the Flickr Embroidery pool - I can remember when the group first started and how excited I'd get every time I'd see a new picture. I've been tagging pics I want to blog as they come through, and at the end of the day I'll be overwhelmed to see I want to blog at least 20 different things! :) So I thought I share just a few of my (many) recent faves here. :) I've seen such a progression in the past few years, and I truly had no idea how the group and embroidery in general would grow.

saturday palette
This is the palette that was generated off of my first picture. It's so much fun fitting all these pieces together... hope you're enjoying this as much as I am - it's really inspiring! :)


Maria e InĂªs said...

Lovely *.*

Kit said...

love your work and I like that you are assigning a word to each day of the week :o)