Friday, July 22, 2011

Stitching Saturday

Thank you so much to everyone who made suggestions on how to stitch the Watson scarf! You were all super helpful, and I'm well on my way stitching it.

Color choice was a pain for me, until I just stepped back, realized my choices would never be exact, and settled on the colors I liked best:



There's something so inspiring and subtly pretty about these muted browns, blues, and grays:
saturday palette

Something about this palette reminds me of Cape Cod - the air, the water, the sand, and beach cottage shingles the color of beach glass or weathered brown. Here are some Flickr favorites on this blue brown grey theme:

Ferns in White woodgrain
i stayed in your heart Embroidered Diana Pocket
1. Ferns in White by Janine - Foxtail Creek Studio, 2. woodgrain by Drama-Club
3. i stayed in your heart by Bec Groves, 4. Embroidered Diana Pocket by SewLovelyEmbroidery

What do you think of the Watson scarf so far? I could do a whole separate post on how frustrating it is trying to match my photos to what these colors really look like - argh!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Katie said...

Lookin' good! The color pallet is perfect, even if it's not exact.

Julia said...

It's looking great, Flor. What a nice color combination :)