Friday, July 29, 2011

Stitching Saturday


Once again, my Saturday was all about the knitting. There's something about the extreme heat of summer that makes me love curling up inside by the AC on the couch, watching a movie or dumb tv show. It's nothing like the feeling of winter in New York, where you're so cold your bones are cold. Have I mentioned I love living in Texas again? :)

Up there is the baby hat which I started and finished, all on the same day:
baby hat, complete

I won't show you the back, where the stripes wiggle and don't quite match up, because this is the internets, and I can be that way. :)

Here's progress on my Watson scarf, as of yesterday:

I reckon I'm about halfway done, so I headed to the local Joann to buy another skein of each of the 3 yarns to finish with.

While there, I of course fell in love with some baby yarns, and have already started another baby hat, this time on teensy #5 needles:

This is seriously the softest, squishiest yarn ever, and I am in love.

Lastly, inspired by my newest yarn, here are a few faves from Flickr users on a sea-green-ish theme:
love love

Doodle Stitch Along week 2!

Satin Sweets

Happy Saturday to you all!

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Casey said...

love that baby hat and I love the colors you're using for the next! I really wish I could knit, I would love to make my soon to arrive nephew one, knit hats just look good.