Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday: red, teal, sea green

Three Things Thursday: red, teal, sea green

1. lol by rabs1985, 2. Dear Creatures + ModCloth by elsiecake, 3. thrifted joy beverage bottle by doecdoe

Sometimes, I love the way my brain works. Often, it frustrates me, in its wiggly-line way of weaving through facts and being rather unordered and random. But then, all those wiggly lines and unordered randomness sometimes meet to make a whole....

Case in point: I love the way my brain unconsciously matches things. Colors, textures, moods, etc. The world is an endless visual playground for me.

I started off looking at a pic by Elsie Flanagan, who by the way, endlessly inspires me (thank you for that, Elsie!) Then I thought it looked perfect next to that pic by doecdoe (Gina, you always inspire me, too!) The last picture took a bit of digging, looking for colors to harmonize with the 2 pics.

I dug and dug and found this pic by Rachael in my favorites:
Day 17... lol
I did lighten it and up the contrast in Picnik, to establish the relationship with the other pics.

Then, I looked at fonts to play with today and for some reason when I saw Mister K, it just “felt right.”

Only when I was done did I notice the similarities in the script on the “lol” and the soda pop label. When I see little relationships like that, totally unplanned by my conscious brain (but totally apparent to my unconscious) it just makes me smile. It totally makes my day. And restores my faith in my wiggly, weaving, unordered, random (but creative) brain. :)


beadgirl said...

Pretty! I love this color combination.

gina said...

so flattered to be part of your 3 things thurs. & your very sweet compliment :)

p.s. so happy you're back & I'm really enjoying your posts!!

Nicky said...

Seems like you've always got the perfect color combos-one of my most difficult feats. Fun pairings :D