Monday, July 11, 2011

Typography Tuesday

So, in case you haven't noticed, lately I'm feeling very inspired by typography. :) One of my favorite things about stumbling around the internets is when I happen on a page that is so beautifully designed that I forget I'm on the internet.

To me, good typography is key to that experience:
veerle's blog
(I highly recommend a click through to this actual post, it is beautiful).

Several things surprised me about the design of this blog - 1. just how breathtakingly pretty the balance of whitespace and text is, 2. even though I'm clearly looking at a computer monitor, I feel like I'm looking at a printed page, and 3. that the body text is actually Rockwell.

And just when I was thinking how weird it was that someone was using Rockwell so successfully on a blog, I found another blog using it well:

andy budd

Anyhow, back to Veerle's blog - there's a beautiful image of artist Ty Wilkin's posters that I used to generate today's palette:

tuesday palette

What about you? Do you find typography inspiring? Any favorite fonts? Any fonts you hate?


Velvet Tangerine said...

I LOVE Lobster and I HATE Comic Sans!!!! But really, who doesn't hate Comic Sans?

Carina said...

Rockwell rocks, yo! :-)

Nicolet said...

I know I'm coming a bit late to this discussion, but, like you, I've always been fascinated by typography (actually I don't hate Comic Sans; in fact, I chose it for the default font in my gmail messages :-) ).

There's a documentary you might be interested in called Helvetica about the font, typography, and graphic design. I haven't seen it yet myself (it's in my Netflix queue), but it's received great reviews--88% on Rotten Tomatoes.