Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday

new dress

So here's a new dress of mine. Like most of my wardrobe since moving back to hyper-hot Texas, it is pretty short. It breaks a few of the cardinal rules I swore I'd never break - first, it looks romper-ish and I hate rompers. However, I've seen this style so much, and it looked so nice on, I got over my romper hatred and bought it. Plus, it isn't a romper, it just looks like it should be. :)

Also, it's leopard print. As a rule, I steer clear of leopard print because when worn the wrong way it can look trashy. I think this dress is loose enough to squeak by. :)

However, it does follow one of my rules which is: it has pockets. As a relatively shy person, I'm always sort of fumbling with my hands and pockets are a great excuse to just tuck them away. It also follows the "cheap" rule - as it was only 24 bucks - I found it at one of our little local shops on the Riverwalk. :)

What about you? Any wardrobe rules you make (and break) for yourself, sort of arbitrarily? :)


Akazukin said...

That shade of lipstick is perfect. You do look classy.

When I sew I usually pick bright colored prints. They are fun to sew but sometimes I don't feel that comfortable wearing them in public.

I tend to buy gold metallic shoes which would probably be more appropriate for a woman living in a retirement community in Florida.

Windsor Grace said...

It looks great on you! I don't think I could pull it off. As a general rule, I hate rompers, but I got my first one that looks good the other day. I really love it. I live in Atlanta, so I understand about the heat! Boy, does that romper keep me cool!

Julian Montez said...

No brown on black. I've managed to scrape by this rule by purchasing burgundy loafers to wear with slim-fitting black chinos.

Now I look like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, minus the cocaine habit. Only amateurs use that stuff!

Anonymous said...

pockets are a must on dresses cause i don't like to take purses with me most times. i feel the same about rompers, i've seen some cute ones but talk myself out of buying any cause of the thought of having to take the entire thing off just to go to the bathroom :/