Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday: a summer morning in South Texas

2 weekends ago we visited one of the World Birding Centers in Weslaco, Estero Llano Grande. I am a real bird and animal freak - and the older I get, the more sharply attuned I am to creatures and critters on the periphery of our notice.

For example, this little screech owl almost missed my notice - almost. :)
little screech owl
To the naked eye, he looked like fuzz oozing from a bird box, but luckily I had my zoom lens so I could see his sleepy, grumpy little face.

We heard a weird rustling sound, and suddenly this little fellow popped out of the bushes and loped across our walkway:
mr. armadillo

I love armadillos, but boy are they strange. They really look like they should be extinct, and I love Texas even more when I see prehistoric weirdness like this all around me on a hike.

We heard a bizarre, clucky cacophony of sounds and spied something else in the trees... I didn't get a good picture, so I'll just describe it to you.

By the way, "chachalaca" is my new favorite word. Seriously, just say it a few times. You'll want to keep saying it, over and over again. :) There were birds everywhere. Naturally, I captured none of them in my shots, but oh well. They were there. :)

We walked over to one of the ponds and saw this stern sign:

We didn't see any big guys but we did see this little guy:
baby alligator

South Texas is such an odd, pretty amalgamation of sky blue, dry earth, and green leaves...

hiding bunny

I love the way this bunny thinks he is hiding by standing perfectly still, even though I am 6 inches away from him, with my camera. He does do a good job of blending in, I must admit.

new earrings
I'm such a weird bird freak that I bought a little something at the gift shop to commemorate my visit. If you're ever in the McAllen-Edinburg-Weslaco area in South Texas, I really recommend this place!

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gina said...

LOVE the face on that owl! what a grumpy little cutie :)