Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

My creation

You would not believe how much I toiled and toiled at choosing fonts and colors for this one little post - but finally, I like the one I chose...

I fell in love with the light, airy colors the generator made from this mosaic:

I'm not normally a girly-girl, but I love this Miss Dior ad that was filmed by Sofia Coppola a while back - it's just so lighthearted and colorful and sugary sweet.

Sources of those 3 inspiring pics at the top:
1. lg mutation by valerie roybal, 2. pretty hoops, 3. adorable Miss Dior ad

The second pic I initially found via Pinterest, and it's a perfect example of something that's been re-pinned and re-blogged so many times that the original credit to the creator is lost. But I am an avid detective, and I found its original source, a blog called Welcome to Wonderland. You can also find an interview with the project's creator here.

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