Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday: green, pink, red
   1. Leafy Sprig, 2. big crafty booth, 3. Emerald Green Dress with Handmade Bug Pin

Above, here's a few lovely things I stumbled on in my Flickr favorites.

In particular, I really love the
6056808054_08121c65b7_o 6056787734_002e51257e_o 6056787730_69638cb779_o

Here's a palette based on the pictures above - I wasn't liking the palette the generator made for me, so I made one myself, using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop, and lots of squinting:

thursday palette

How are you guys? I haven't been around much for comments - out first for the wedding and now with a bad cold. Hope your week has been better!

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giddy99 said...

I love these color palettes you put together! Please keep 'em coming! :)