Monday, August 1, 2011

Typography Tuesday


I really love the colors and typography in this poster by Steph Baxter. (If you were around yesterday, you'll recognize it from the mosaic I made.) I chose a chunky, slab-ish font that reminded me of the one used in the poster.

I really like the funky color palette that emerged when I fed it through the palette generator:
Totally unlike my normal preferred color scheme... I've realized over time that I am not a green fan - I can think of very few times I have willingly reached for it, actually.


I just started using Pinterest - so far it's helped me collect all my typography links in one place, and the inspiring links and pics I find outside of Flickr. I really like its mood-board-like arrangement of things. The only thing that gets confusing is when people have pinned things that were tumblred or re-blogged so many times that you lose track of the original designer or photographer. So I'm trying to keep detailed notes of the origins of my pins. :)

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