Friday, September 23, 2011

Flashback Friday: Little delighted discoveries

english garden

I had been wondering where views on this pic were coming from - and then I found it - a poetic page of quotes and photos grouped together.

I loved the quote that appeared next to my photo:
"Life is both sad and solemn. We are led into a wonderful world, we meet one another here, greet each other—-and wander together for a brief moment. Then we lose each other and disappear as suddenly and unreasonably as we arrived." - Jostein Gaarder

Then I saw how many times it had been liked and reblogged, again without my knowing:

It makes me feel like a kid - I love when people like my photos. :)

All of this got me thinking of a really good friend of mine, who's a photographer. Everything he puts out onto the internet and his site is so carefully curated. Beautiful pics I'd become attached to routinely disappear (to be replaced by new ones). I'm sentimental, and it made me sad when they'd disappear. But over time, I've come to understand what he's doing: he's pruning away what no longer says anything to him, so that everything that remains is meaningful. That sort of discipline in himself is what makes him such a great artist.

So, I was inspired by him and decided to prune away pics from my Flickr stream. My goal is to get rid of anything that doesn't say anything to me (or you!) And boy, do I have A LOT of outtakes. :)

What about you? If you could only keep 1 photo you've ever taken, which photo would it be, and why? I'd be really grateful if you'd share that with me as I continue my pruning process... :)

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