Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stitching Saturday: monsters

new little monster

So, here's my new monster - he (she?) is a cutie, eh? They're very huggable and fun to build a fort with. :)

For some reason I thought I'd show you my messy room, complete with monsters (and curlers, and trash can, and wardrobe, and unmade bed, etc.)

Here they are outside, for a size comparison:

Looks like I'm steadily a week behind on these stitching posts... It takes time to edit the pics and upload them and decide which ones are best. And make myself bacon and pancakes and coffee and shower. At least I'm disciplining myself to think consistently about my projects and where I'm at with them once a week. :)

So, last Saturday was a rainy day, my favorite type of day in San Antonio, and I sat in my heart pajamas and knit. All day. It was heavenly.

Here I am starting a foot for a new monster:
more foot progress

But you know, the color combo just didn't convince me. I love the 2 colors on their own, but together? They're not so great:

So after knitting this monster up halfway (a LOT of stitches) I just had to admit I wasn't feeling it and undid them all. I do want another monster in my life, I just haven't found the right colors for him yet.

Here are the beginnings of my baby blanket!
20 squares

I added 5 more squares on Sunday that are not pictured here, so I'm up to 25. Oh, and by the way, I swear I am not preggers. I just like baby blankets, ok? ;)

My knitting companions this week were season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and season 1 of Veronica Mars, both of which I recommend highly. :) Thanks for telling me about your projects and the comments and compliments you leave about mine - it always makes me happy to read them! :)


Katie said...

Your little monsters are turning out so cute! And funny, I would have thought that grey and pink would look lovely together.

SO glad to learn that you like Buffy & VM, too! Both those shows are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

ack! adorable monster!!

Fanny said...

So very cute! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh they're super cute! I want monsters of my own now.