Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday: blue, red, and teal

blue, red, and teal
  1. vintage computing '67, 2. plaid jacket, 3. teal coat

Here's a Flickr fave and a few Pinterest faves for you - I tend to favorite things in waves, matching odd little bits unconsciously. That last fave from Pinterest - the teal coat was funny - it was someone else's pin, and I laughed, because I actually own that coat. I bought it Labor Day weekend of 2009, in this pretty little town called Saugerties. The tag inside says Tulle, and they make really lovely, structured, gorgeous coats. It was a warm, cheerful coat through a particularly cold, cold winter, and my favorite part was how often people (New Yorkers, at that) stopped me to tell me how much they loved the color. I love it, too.

Here's a palette based on those photos:
thursday palette

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