Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday: Gold, green-blue, black
Here's a few Pinterest and Flickr faves and a palette I put together, based on their colors. I was getting bored with my old palette layout, so I shook it up a little (and took off all the hex codes, sorry!) I love the warm, fall, mustardy-tones.

All of those colors remind me of these colors, too:

160 over 90 offices, Philadelphia

I'm loving the feeling of fall in the air - it's chilly in the mornings, just enough to wear a very light sweater or windbreaker. Yeah, that's about AS COLD as it gets in South Texas in October. :) Throughout the week, I've been working on my big patchwork blanket, finishing my Watson scarf, and staring at the unstuffed monkey I plan to re-visit this weekend. Oh, and watching a tolerable amount of Veronica Mars, season 3. There's something about the sudden chill, darker mornings, and huge, gleaming moon that make this time of year so mysterious...

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Anna said...

Oh I am liking your new colour palette format- it looks slick! More like one that you see in a fashion trend forecasting magazine. Gorgeous colours too!