Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Typography Tuesday


Bet you thought I wasn't gonna have one of these again, huh? I just wasn't finding anything that inspired me enough to post last month, but I've squirreled away a whole bunch of stuff recently...

The type up there is from a French advertising alphabets book scanned by pillpat:
100 alphapub p30

Putting those letters together in Photoshop took a fair amount of squinting and scooting (isn't that such a formal term) - if you'd like to know what it felt like, try The Kerning Game: type.method.ac/

Boo, I only scored an 85. My defense is that I was sleepy and my contacts were really bugging me, and well, it's hard. Let me know what you score! :)

Lately I've been inspired by all of her scans - especially this lovely illustrated edition of The Little Mermaid:
petite sirene p1

I love this poster I found via Pinterest yesterday - that muted color scheme really appeals to me:

poster available for purchase here

Lastly, here's some more fun hand-drawn type:
Latin Wide (Mexican)
And you know I love that this type is called "Mexican." :)

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olric said...

Hi! I loved your creations,spacially your lovely monsters! You have a lovely blog and i'm blogging for a while. I'll also be happy to be followed by you... xx