Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Halloween makeup


So, I'm thinking of being a Black Swan for Halloween. And, the way I think about being things is by sitting at home in front of my mirror, applying, removing, and re-applying makeup. All. night. long.


I'm not sure the pasty-white look agrees with me, though, so I might alter it a bit. And there's always that chance that people might just mistake me for a KISS fan in a ballerina skirt, but that's the risk of living in a city with a disproportionate heavy metal fanbase, I guess. :)

I was inspired by these 2 videos:

I'm always in awe of how people who do makeup well make it look so effortless. I can barely line my eyes!

I'm also really inspired by the awesome Dia de los Muertos makeup I've been seeing on the web:

I have no credit for that image, by the way - it's been Tumblr'd so often - let me know if you know the source so I can credit it!

I doubt that I could reproduce this, but it's awesome:

Yup, I'm keeping it creepy - what are you gonna be this Halloween? :)


green.bow said...

this is sooo weird!
i'm going to be a black swan this monday! ;) i've got everything prepared though.

and todfay i've planned to dress up as those from day of the dead!

that is so strange, can't believe that we were thinking about same thing! *,*

Nicky said...

Fantastic job on the makeup!!!! I had a friend who just went to a party as the black swan and another who went as a white swan! That dia de los muertos make up is awesome!

Last night we threw my stepdad a 65th bday party and I was Amy Winehouse (which seemed appropriate since my hair is waist long now). It was a fun costume, but that black hair spray is NASTY stuff!!!
Happy Sunday!

floresita said...

Awesome! I hope you take lots of pictures so that I can see!

Thanks, Nicky! Funny that you say that because I was looking at a picture of myself from Saturday night and from far away I look more like Amy Winehouse than the Black Swan, ha ha. :) Yeah that hair color spray is sticky and gross. I prefer wigs + they keep your head warm. ;)