Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday: a little pop of yellow

Three Things Thursday: little pop of yellow
    1. Knitted bow collection now by Tea at Weasel's, 2. fingerless mittens by oneworldmj, 3. StoryBook5 by Mollie Johanson

Lately I've been enjoying the sunshine in the morning since the time change. This time of year I am most grateful I no longer live in NY - because right now I'd be looking forward to the bleak 5-6 months until spring, when it would be dark on my way to work and dark on my way home. That kind of night is a bit glamorous, it's true, but ultimately bleak. I remember sneaking out each day at lunchtime to get a glimpse of bright yellow sun. Now - I have it all winter long. Sigh. I am grateful!

I've still been tweaking my little palette layouts - today I thought I'd do both new:

And old! A strange assortment of colors popped up in the palette generator (below) but there's something about its odd contrasty-ness that I like:

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