Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Halloween costume


Should it alarm me that most of my costume was easily fished out of my going-out clothes? :) Naturally, I don't wear them often, but I have worn that top and skirt before. :) I searched and searched for black feathers all week, but to no avail. So finally I sewed on a piece from a black tulle boa - in the dark it looked feather-ish enough. My crown was a Disney princess crown I found literally an hour before (crowns also being hard to find) in the toy aisle. I painted it with black and gunmetal gray nail polish. I thought my niece would get upset at me de-girl-ifying such a pretty crown, but she seemed to approve of the process.

Oh, and apologies for the very cropped and small photo - it took a lot of cropping to remove things like other people's pant legs and a coffee table full of drinks and shots - I know those look oh-so-classy. :)

In the end, I edited the makeup I did - I opted out of the white featherish streaks on the eyes and stuck with black and grey instead. I used Too Faced eyeshadow (from the Naked Eye palette) in Stiletto (which is basically black) and Unmentionables (dark shimmery gray) and a little bit of Hard Candy eyeshadow in Black Hole. And lots and lots of black Liquid eyeliner.
eyeshadow eyeshadow

Instead of being completely pasty white (which really looks pretty awful on me) I mixed white costume makeup with a little of my real makeup to make me pale, but not terribly chalky. I used bronzer instead of blush. And instead of that dark dark red on the lips I used a light bronzey-pinkish color that I blended from a few - L'oreal Cashmere being one - and I finished with sparkly lip gloss. I think I looked a lot less sinister, and the fact that I smiled like a goofball in every photo made me more of a cheery swan, but whatever. It was a super fun transformation and I'm happy to say no one mistook me for a KISS fan. ;)

But I did look way creepy in the rearview mirror:

How about you guys? How did your Halloween costumes go? :)


LimeRiot said...

You look great! Even in the rearview mirror :).

Nicky said...

Ooh, it turned out great! And aren't costumes great when you don't have to buy much? :D I tried to use most of my own clothing too (a top from the thrift store since I didn't have a strapless "cup" top). Happy Thursday!

J.E.W.E.L.S said...

you look awesome! great d.i.y costume =)