Saturday, December 24, 2011

stitching saturday: monkeys move out

newest monkey

Well, I finished my last monkey of the year on Christmas Eve, knitting up a mouth, ears, and stitching him up with a whole lot of stuffing. I watched the Radio City Hall Christmas Spectacular on Netflix with my mom, then my two personal Christmas faves: Edward Scissorhands and Die Hard. It was nice to have a low-key Christmas Eve - just shelling pecans and baking cookies.

Then Christmas morning I popped out of bed for a last-minute photo session with my two remaining monkeys (my first stripey monkey went home with an adorable little boy from church).

These two monkeys would soon be on their way to my sister and my nephew:

new and newer

I must admit it's hard saying goodbye to monkeys this adorable. But I know they'll be well-loved and well, it gives me an excuse to make new monkeys. :) In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll be starting a new monkey soon - any votes on colors? :)

monkey stare


I hope everyone had a great Christmas with family, friends, and all the people who make your life special. I know I did.

Here's our skinny tree filled with at least 20 years worth of handmade ornaments: IMG_2627
And you know I wrapped all of those gifts. I have a thing for wrapping presents. :)

Time to get back to your end-of year - hope everyone is happy, crafting, and warm. Merry Christmas, everybody! :)

merry christmas from a couple of monkeys


Nicky said...

The monkeys are crazy cute!!! I haven't taken on knitting yet- still trying to master crocheting :D Hope you had a fantastic Christmas :D

gina said...

OMG I love, love your fun & cute!!

hope you had a wonderful holiday & that 2012 brings you much joy :)

floresita said...

Thanks Nicky! Hope your holiday was wonderful, too!

Thank you Gina! Much love to you this New year! :)

Estefanita said...

I see my gift in there!!!

Adaiha said...

Those monkeys are the cutest! Hope you're having a happy new year. :)