Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo a Day - January

day 1: me day 2: breakfast day 3: something i adore day 4: (not quite a) letterbox day 5: something I wore day 6: makes me smile day 7: favourite day 8: your sky day 9: daily routine day 10: childhood day 11: where you sleep day 12: close up day 13: in your bag day 14: something you're reading day 15: happiness day 16: morning day 17: water day 18: something you bought day 19: sweet day 21: reflection day 22: your shoes day 23: something old day 24: guilty pleasure day 25: something you made day 26: color day 27: lunch day 28: light day 29: inside your fridge day 30: nature day 31: you. again.

Phew! I learned a lot from this photo a day challenge. For one - I lack consistency and a sense of common theme. I mostly used vintage-y effects to bring them all together, but I was inconsistent and I'm not impressed.

However, the most valuable thing to come out of this was that I had my camera with me, every single day - something I haven't done in years. I got into the habit of daily photos again, and took a few pics I liked (just not the ones you see here). :)

Oh, and you know I'll be hiding those pics of me in about a day or so. There are few things I loathe more than photos of myself. I know it's weird. Such is my lot in life.

Do you like any of the pics I took? I know they're pretty eh. Thanks for bearing with me, though! :) I didn't do bad with my January resolutions, either. It was a crazy busy month - going out of town, photographing, and blogging in every spare moment I could get, but it was also a really wonderful month.

Maybe in March I'll do another Photo a day. February is gonna be a killer, though - so so so busy! But in a good way. :) Did any of you do a Photo a day? How did it go?

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