Tuesday, February 14, 2012

typography tuesday: valentines

Historical Valentines, by Ben Kling
  valentines courtesy of Ben Kling

These Valentines by Ben Kling have been making the rounds on Facebook, so you've probably seen them already, but I thought they were awesome, so here's a re-share. :)

Visit Ben Kling's blog for the large sizes.

Dictator Valentines, by Ben Kling
  valentines courtesy of Ben Kling

I'm typically not much for the Holiday of Love, but this year I went on a totally uncharacteristic pink-and-hearts spree. Sorry I've been absent most of the month, but I've been blogging like crazy over on Feeling Stitchy to celebrate embroidery month. I've pretty much spent every waking moment (and some asleep ones, too) on the blog and have lots of interviews and giveaways and love for our awesome and geeky community planned.

Speaking of typography, this weekend I did a giveaway post for Hoopla, and included a pic of the hand-embroidered chapter headings in the book, which I loved:

I also did an English-Spanish interview with Alicia, from the DMC España blog, and would you believe that in all the questions I asked her, I forgot to ask who designed their blog header, which I love:

DMC España header

Hope the Day of Love treats you right. If it doesn't- watch an awful romantic comedy (but wait - aren't they all?), have a glass of your favorite whatever, and eat a bunch of candy. That's what I've got planned for tonight! :)


Julie Warner said...

I've been enjoying all the valentines day embroidery ideas this month too. Maybe it's the fact that we don't have much snow and lots of sun this year. Whatever! It was fun.

Dmc said...

Hi! The designer and I did the header :)
Im glad you like it.


Nata said...

I do love your blog!