Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stitching Saturday

monster in progress

Here I am! Up above you see my latest monster - hey, Linda, this book of knitted monsters you gave me has yielded TONS of knitting this year. I seriously want to knit every monster in this book. And I just might.

He's Gort, The Gym Bag Monster, in case you're wondering. In the book, he's striped, but I made him solid.

And all the others I've made striped. Go figure - I suppose I have a rebellious streak. :)

Also, that Red Heart yarn is PERFECT for monsters - squishy soft, a tiny bit bulky, and nice under the fingertips. I've already finished one cuddly monster with this yarn and this guy is #2. I just ordered a dream set of nickel plated needles from Knit Picks, but I've yet to try them - up above you see my trusty Addis, which I am officially in love with.

I'm starting to realize that this blog may become a monthly one, what with all the stuff I try to cram into my days as of late. Feeling Stitchy has been fun, crammed with events, new bloggers, and stitchalongs, my day job has been equally busy, and I even got to do a bit of traveling this month...

My beautiful niece was graduating from high school, so I made the hike to Memphis to see it. I loved Memphis - but being an unusual person, I was struck by unusual things - I LOVED the trees. They were so tall, so green, and so gorgeous - I don't have any photos that preserve the feeling of height and majesty, but it's a gorgeous city.

I had my choice between Graceland and The Memphis Zoo, and so I picked...

Memphis Zoo

Zoo. Of course - zoo. I go to one every chance I can get and I never tire of them. I loved the pyramid theme - and it was well-kept and lovely. There's an awesome Grizzly Bear enclosure that gives them full room to run, and it was fun to watch them play together. Certainly the liveliest Grizzlies I've seen yet in a zoo. I saw one cute lazy panda who really loved air conditioning (who doesn't) and tons of cute apes. I was really impressed by the amount of room the animals have to roam - in my experience it's a close second to the Bronx Zoo and San Diego Zoo.

house of mews

We also got to visit a curious little place called the House of Mews - it's a tiny shopfront crammed with cats. They all seemed happy and well-cared for, and there are oodles of cat lovers who come in to coddle and pet them. I loved how they hung out in little laundry baskets - I guess it gives them a feeling of comfort and a sense of their own private space.

house of mews

At my nieces's house, I found myself walking from room to room, admiring my younger niece's paintings:


She's 15 but already has a sense and feel for color and texture. I really loved this butterfly one, and just wish I'd gotten better pics of her other stuff.

Well, that's all for now - hope the summer's been treating you right! :)

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