Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stitching Saturday: August is Over!

cross stitching + knitting

Hey guys! I thought it was high time for an update on all my shenanigans -for those of you who haven't dropped your subscription out of sheer boredom. ;) I have been knitting and cross-stitching like a fiend lately!

Up above you see where I am on the Super Easy Baby Blanket from purl soho. I was so inspired when I saw their photos that I picked up a whole mess of yarn, hitched up my circular needles, and started stitching.

Of course, there's no fancy yarns to by found in this blanket:


It's all I Love This Yarn, which I think of as the slightly classier second cousin of Red Heart. It's cheap, soft, and awesome, and there's boatloads of colors at the local Hobby Lobby.

Here it is unfolded, and looking sherbert-y:


I can't believe I've stitched so much, and I'm sad to say I stitched my way through the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and I am series-less, again. I'll just have to comb Netflix with sad eyes.

On to my other current obsession, cross-stitch:


I cooked up this doofy pattern on my own, but I am by no means the first to stitch such a sentiment:


I'm just the first to say "fricking" instead of well, what people really say. I thought it cuter and doofier. I'll probably share the pattern in my Flickr stream later this week in case anyone wants to stitch it. I used the girliest colors and motifs I could find, to give the sarcasm its full effect. :)

Also in my stitching queue is this pattern by Katie Kutthroat - Needles and Pins:

also in the works

And this pattern by Meredith - Hardcore Stitch Corps

in the works

I'm thinking of going with a different border- maybe one of these lovely borders:


These books were just one of a billion goodies I recently scored when a friend gifted me with her sister's stash of cross-stitching supplies.

It was like a trip back in time, the wonderful booklets, piles of 14 ct Aida cloth, a huge container of floss, carefully labeled in tiny plastic Floss-Away baggies, and this:


My knees went weak when I saw this - one of the original DMC color cards, with actual bits of floss in it! It's like comic books for stitching dorks. I've been wanting one of these for so long, and to have a vintage one - wow. 1986. It was a good year for everything, including stitching. :)


Did you notice my mini scissors? No? I'll show them to you again. Eep.


Lastly, I'll leave you with my favorite - the awesome Golden Girls pattern I stitched, by Wee Little Stitches:

latest stitching

You can find that adorable pattern in the Kitschy Digitals Store.

August was a pretty good month for stitching, eh? Hope all is well with you guys! :)

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