Friday, February 28, 2014

Feline Friday: play time

Freckles + Ice Cream + shiny ball

One thing I never counted on when feeding outdoor, feral kitties was how much they'd love to play. The first 2 months I fed them, I bought them a dangly wand with a feather and mouse thing, which they ignored. And a toy mouse, which they also ignored. I did notice that the toy mouse moved around the yard a lot, and was frequently sitting in their empty food bowl. The wand, likewise would mysteriously move...

It wasn't until after I had them fixed, that they really started to play in my presence...

Freckles + shiny ball

This is their favorite red ball, which they have endless fun with, and which they always seem to dig up and put in my path after dinner, their chosen play time...

Pickles + shiny ball
Freckles and Pickles

As you can see, though, they're also a fan of blue shoelaces...

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