Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stitching Saturday: Jessica's Craftsy class

Knotted stitches

So, I finally revealed what I've been working on for the past few weeks - I was stitching along with a wonderful Craftsy embroidery class by Jessica Marquez: Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery. I was able to preview the entire class, and it was pretty wonderful indeed. What I loved about the class was, in particular, that inspired feeling you only get when stitching with someone else in person. I also loved that I was able to try a wealth of stitches I've been too lazy to try on my own, like the bullion stitch, up above. I'd heard horror stories about what a tricky stitch it is, but after a couple of bum tries, I was able to mostly get the hang of it. I owe it all to Jessica's instructions - I'm totally a visual learner so the class was perfect for me.

Looped stitches

Certain stitches I already knew, but it was nice to learn a new approach.

Flat stitches

A perfect example is the stem stitch - I've always worked it more or less the way it is shown in books - but Jessica's method is different. I decided I liked Jessica's method for straight, chunky lines, and I preferred the method I'd previously learned for curves and finer lines. But seeing it another way helped it "click" a bit better in my head, as I typically lose track of what I'm doing with that stitch. :)

Crossed stitches

I enlarged the pattern on Jessica's PDF a bit, and I really enjoyed working giant cross stitches. I also love those starburst shapes and sashiko-like method she uses to work the St George cross stitches (second from top, in this sampler). I think I bungled the fill inside the leaf shapes, but no biggie, it was fun practice...

Fill stitches

My personal favorite was the Fill stitch sampler, as I was working stitches I though I'd never try, like the fishbone stitch on those textured leaves, and the funky knotted Cretan stitch. That one was far from perfect, as well, but I had a great time learning it.

5 lesson hoops

Overall, I had a wonderful time taking this class, and I can't recommend it enough. Jessica is so talented, detailed, and above all, approachably sweet. I did a more thorough review of the class over on Feeling Stitchy, be sure to click over to get a 25% discount on the class!

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