Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stitching Saturday: A special treat

I've been enjoying a very special treat - I'm working through a Mastered course on Creative Embroidery by Diana Springall for a review! I'll be posting my final review on Feeling Stitchy, but I wanted to include some of my progress here as I jot down my notes.

You may be wondering what embroidery has to do with painting - well, it's actually the first lesson! The moment I saw Diana bring out paint and paper, I was hooked.

Exploring line...
I chose my materials from what I had - Acrylic paper, black acrylic paint, and 3 sizes of brushes I never use (mostly large). And yes, I was painting on my bed. Actually, I was painting at midnight - it's easiest for me to feel inspired when the house is completely quiet. :)

First brush

Here are my results with the first (and largest) brush:
More first brush results

It was really fun to play with the thickness of the line and load the brush with way more paint and water than I would normally use. I loved this experiment!

Second brush

Here are my results with the second brush:
Second brush results

More second brush results

I was surprised by how easy it was to control this large brush - I normally stay away from them. I liked the smooth curves and sharp lines it created.

Third brush

Lastly, I experimented with the small brush included in my Cotman watercolor set - which I surprisingly never use:
More third brush results

Lots of really crisp, thin lines - again I was surprised, and really liked the results for all the brushes I tried. Point being: don't be afraid of the paint or the brush, and when you can, try everything!

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