Friday, April 4, 2014

Feline Friday: More ACS photos


This gorgeous tortie kitty was adopted while I was taking photos of her. She is so beautiful and calm and loving. She had some spinal issues after having been hit by a car, and I worried about her last week, asking myself who would adopt a cat that was such a challenge. Well, I met her - a wonderful young woman adopted her to give her the care she needs. I was also told that there had been a lot of interest in her all week. It's left me amazed at how kind and loving our community can be.


This pretty girl was nursing a teeny-tiny kitten, which accounts for her worried look. I made sure to keep my distance from her baby, and she was willing to accept a few pets from me.


I did a minimum of editing to my first pics, I just used Picmonkey to add their names and numbers. I decided to use the ACS paw logo and number instead, because not all the cats have names. This time around I did some edits in Photoshop, mainly playing up their colors and eyes, I think I'm getting better.

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