Friday, April 18, 2014

Feline Friday: Mystery Kitty; Sofia is bonkers


Yesterday morning, and early last week, Mystery kitty reappeared. She always barrels in out of nowhere, the second she hears the cat food hit the bowls. She darts around, as if she's trying to greet everyone, but none of the cats want to say hello - they seem a bit scared of how huge she is.


She rolls around at my feet, and enjoys the pets I give her - but aside from sniffing the cat food as I pour it out, she's never interested in eating.


Here's a closer look at her fabulous, Rorschach-like markings. She truly looks like a wild thing. As soon as I return inside, and look out from the window, she vanishes.

Sofia, below, is another story entirely.

Sofia is the only one of the cats that my mom really loves, and she's has a very special relationship with her - she's kind of my mom's caretaker. I watched her one morning while my mom was in the garden - everywhere she went, Sofia went - climbing and playing in the small tree beside her while my mom weeded the garden. It's adorable.


I'm pretty sure Sofia's two-timing us, because she's also never hungry. For awhile, she had me trained to let her march through the house every morning (to keep her away from the other cats) and out the front door, where I would feed her. Then I really started watching her and realized she wasn't ever actually eating. Lately she's started walking away from her uneaten food and going to the back to bully the other cats. She'll claw and growl and push them away from their bowls, and nibble for show, seemingly just to establish her dominance. Well, it's a good thing she's cute, because she's bonkers.

I started a Cat Tumblr for my cat pics - unless this blog became all cats, every day, there's no way I could share them all. So I'll still have Feline Friday, but I'll share more cat pics here: Check it out if you like cats!

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