Friday, May 23, 2014

Flashback Friday: The Internet is strange to me


You know - the Internet, it puzzles me. I've had a Flickr account for a gazillion years - pretty much since Flickr started up. I get a smattering of views here and there from craftily-minded people, and maybe lately, cat people. :)

But for some reason, this one little picture of 3 monkeys I made one Christmas, stuffed into homemade stockings, is garnering the lion's share of views. Flickr stats aren't very clear, so I can't tell where it was posted from, but somebody must have posted about it somewhere, because all of a sudden, it's gotten 8,000 views. Weird.

Well, there it is - I made these monkeys long ago, with a cute little back story for each, and sold a grand total of one in my Etsy store, after which, I decided to keep all the rest and never, ever sell anything again, because crafting for money is less fun and makes me nervous. :)

Does anyone know who linked to these monkeys? I just hope it's not a monkey porn site. Because that would be just like the Internet. :)

Oh, and if you need a cat and kitten fix, check out the cats I photographed at ACS this week:

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