Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Things Thursday: Coziness

1. green-apple, 2. bun-bun, 3. Living room

Each of these three photos bring me a feeling of happy coziness. I love October, as it is the very beginning of the cold, when the world is changing, the leaves are falling, and being warm in your coat brings a perfect feeling of coziness. The change in weather brings a rare desire to cook for me - tonight I made a chocolate rum cake and oodles of cupcakes. I'm never big on eating them - I just give them all away. My favorite part is the warm smell of the cake while it's cooking and licking the bowl, of course. :)

Wishing you coziness and happiness on this night before Halloween... and the next to last day of my blogging every day schedule! I've liked the schedule a whole lot more than I thought... it's really helped to focus my many thoughts. Thanks to everyone who has left encouraging comments, what a month it's been!

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g said...

I'm so glad my photo made you feel cozy! personally, its one of my favorite ways to feel...