Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tutorials Tuesday: Make a Color Image Black and White

before and after

I get this question A LOT by email, at Vintage Transfer Finds, and at Hoop Love, and I'm glad I finally found an easy, free way anyone can do this on Flickr.

Let's say you have a color scan or color photo of a vintage transfer and you want to make it black and white. Do you have to scan it all over again? Do you need Photoshop and a bunch of fancy image editing applications? Absolutely not! Instead, take advantage of the free editing options built into Flickr (using Picnik). For my example I used a color image I found in Hoop Love (thank you Lori, for adding it to the pool!)

How to Make a Color Scan or Color Photo Black and White
  1. In Flickr, click "Edit Photo" just above your photo (on the right hand side).

  2. When Picnik loads, click "Colors".

  3. Drag the Saturation bar as far left as possible (-100). Voila! Your picture should look like a grayscale image now.

  4. Now, to make your image black and white, Click "Exposure".

  5. Drag the Exposure and Contrast bars to the right until your image is a nice sharp black and white.

  6. Optional: Add Text! Click the Create tab, then click "Text" to add your name and any message you'd like to leave.

  7. Click Save (you can either save a new image or replace the old image in your Flickr stream). Here's the finished image: not bad for a free editor, eh?

I hope this quick tutorial was helpful! Later I may do a longer tutorial on how I scan my vintage transfers - it'll be more time-intensive since I use Photoshop for a lot of the steps.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, so helpful. I can imagine a lot of other applications as well.

smartypants said...

I have been wondering how I can do this without dusting off my old and outdated photoshop skills!!! Now I heart Flickr even more!

barncat said...

I've had some success with this, but had never tried it with Picnik, your instuctions made it very easy, thank you!

Akazukin said...

This is very helpful. I always ignored Flickr's editing features.

By the way, you've been tagged:

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