Friday, December 12, 2008

Festive reds on the brain

festive reds
Festive reds by the following peeps:
1. piksi, 2. woolyhoodwinks, 3. kittytown / ghost academy

The holiday season always has a special delight for me: being surrounded by lots and lots of festive reds. So, above, are a few delights I've had on the brain - that last one from Megan of Ghost Academy really says what you think it says: "If you were a zombie, I would totally let you eat my brains." She is beyond awesome. :)

I found the amazing Piksi's photostream by way of another wardrobe genius whose closet I covet: Ranna of Only Shallow. So I thought I'd share a few of my faves from Ranna's wardrobe as well:

fave 1, fave 2, fave 3

What's your favorite color this holiday season? Are you all about the reds? Greens? Whites? Blues? Hope all is well!


megan said...

Thanks for the shout out!
That middle stuffie guy is beyond adorable!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I'm feeling the reds and greens this festive season - I just bought an obnoxiously green vintage skirt that I am going to wear proudly and look like an elf.

I love the little stuffed toy with the big ears. :) And Ranna and Piksi are undoubtedly wonderful.

Swapna said...

Hi, did u get my message about the award? visit my blog :)

ice pink stars said...

Beautiful outfits... wow!! ♥ And the zombie card, so cute! :D I've been wearing a lot of red this season, but I wish I owned more green tops.

Estefanita said...

Peppermint should be a color!

Ruth said...

Gorgeous photos. I'd love to decorate my house in silver, white and blue. The reality is that I'm spending every spare minute finishing the gifts I'm working on and the house is a mess... and I won't have time to tidy it till after Christmas! Oh well, next year maybe?